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Our business is simple, we help you get customers and get that sale


    Our business is simple, we help you get customers and get that sale.

    We serve our clients with transparency, honesty and SEO services that focus on getting you the right customers and making sales for your business

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    We are transparent and upfront, should you choose to work with us, please see business overview our rates, pricing, and a few things you might wanna know about us –

    • Not the cheapest in the market – we provide quality work, hence our charges might be higher than the others. Our rates are standard provided the intricate work we do for our clients.
    • Our SEO service does not come cheap – we don’t provide half baked projects or so-so SEO service. We focus on getting the job done and the sales results for our clients. It’s an investment that has good returns.

    SEO Services Rate

    $150 / an hour
    • Minimum of 15 hrs / month
    • No lock in contracts
    • Monthly fee
    • Pause or cancel anytime
    • ROI focused

    Our SEO Service

    If you are a business owner that is motivated and committed to working hard for your business to reach its potential, then you should be working with us. Our SEO services serve business owners like you to help you increase your earnings by investing in organic search traffic. Our clients range from small to large businesses and even outside the country, but mainly here in the United States.

    Get to know us more and if you are interested in our service, feel free to email us or book a free strategy session with us.

    Our service at a glance

    • We give you total control when you engage with us. There are no lock-in contracts with us, pay as you go, and you have an option to cancel your campaign with us anytime you want with no cancellation fees.
    • You will be informed on campaign progress through monthly strategy calls. Keeping you in the loop and updated every step of the way.
    • When it comes to reporting, we will show you everything you need to know and how your campaign is performing overall showing the increase in your revenue. We will keep it simple and easy for you through our client portal to access your campaign that shows work summary, campaign details, and reports.

    Our experience and why we do a better job

    We have been in the industry doing top quality SEO service for 20 years, which makes us very good at what we do. Our core value is different from the others, we do not push our clients to dive into a business investment with just data and empty promises. We give a total experience of quality SEO service focused on investment returns. After all, that’s what we are here for and that is what you sign up for. We are professional on what we do, we won’t hassle you with the technicalities, instead, we will get you what you need. We make sure you spend your money wisely with us, that is why we are very much transparent to each of our clients, we do not over-promise, we just deliver.

    Working with us is a two-way street, and it may sound cliche but when you work with us, it’s gonna be different and here’s why –

    • We only work with clients that understand how we do our business with them. We make sure that each and everyone we work with is a good fit and will discuss how we can do this together.
    • We only have a few clients, to make sure we get every business the attention they need and provide a quality service. We don’t overwhelm ourselves with quantity, we pride in our focused service to each client.
    • You are not just another number for us. We have clients that we have partnered with us for more than 5 years, and yes we love working with them.
    • We track and measure everything to give you reports that are meaningful covering monthly earnings from search engine traffic and not just some numbers on a spreadsheet you won’t understand. We will show you how you are getting the ROI.
    • Monthly reports, work summary, work is done, and end of month strategy calls to discuss the progress of your campaign. We will ensure that you will get what you pay for, that every money you spent has work done. End of the month calls includes discussions and recommendations on how we can do more.
    • Our clients have trusted us and they are the reflection of our job. We are proud to say we are lucky and very much thankful for working with them.

    Metrics that matter

    Most SEO providers will pump you with unfamiliar and confusing metrics such as rankings and search visibility or even fill you with jargon and technicalities you won’t bother to remember. That’s why collaboration is important for us, if we do business together, we will focus less on the confusing part and make you understand how we can help you take off by getting you more customers, getting that sale, and of course, increase your business revenue which is the metric that matters.

    How we do it

    We simply break our campaigns into 4 main phases and here’s a brief overview of each one.

    Phase 1 – Research & Analysis

    • This is where we discuss your goals, your campaign objectives, and of course identify your business competitors. Before we commence any campaign and get the right keywords, we have to know what direction you would like to take for your business.
    • Once we have gathered everything, the research and analysis will begin and project directions can begin eventually leading to the launch of your campaign.

    Phase 2 – Onpage optimization

    The data from the research and analysis page will materialize the launch or campaign commencement.

    This involves planning and site restructuring that we have based on competitor analysis and keyword research. We will retain what is working on your site which is based around reverse engineering.
    The following will also be a part of the on-page optimization phase:

    • Implementing site structure
    • setting redirects
    • correcting internal links
    • creating and publishing initial site content
    • optimization metadata, ensuring responsiveness, improving site speed, and other areas of technical on-page optimization.
    • Setting up and testing goal tracking (email and call inquiries) which allows accurate tracking of desired customer conversions or discussions.

    Phase 3 – Offpage optimization

    • Reverse engineering competitive data collectively and identifying off-page opportunities (link building)
    • Mapping out a strategic off-page optimization strategy with an emphasis on quality, diversity and topical relevance (in other words, putting together a plan that allows us to acquire high-quality links)
    • Creating content and performing outreach to sites of strong relevance to acquire quality guest post publications
    • Tracking and measuring of off-page performance inline with target keywords

    Phase 4 – Content

    • Identifying key content marketing opportunities, based upon keyword research and assessing competitor data
    • Hosting Q&A sessions with you as the client to retrieve value-rich, highly accurate information
    • Creation of actual content based upon the outcome of Q&A. Recorded sessions, which are then transcribed and repurposed into actual blog posts. 

    Easy Reporting

    When it comes to receiving reports, you can expect easy to understand report summary and direct to the point data –

    • Keyword performance reports
    • Simple work summary sheets that show what work has been done or performed for each month
    • Data studio (Google Analytics) dashboard is easy to understand which shows your site performance at a glance.

    All reports will have a strong focus on conversions, customer inquiries, and sales generated by the traffic created by the search engine strategy. We do not focus on how fancy the reports will be, but you can trust us that we will provide you the data you need to see, which is the campaign performance and the ROI for your business.


    Our limitations

    Our service is focused on search engine optimization, and we are good at it. however, we have our limitations, there are things we cannot do for you unless agreed upon –

    • Web support or site maintenance
    • Staff training
    • IT-related tasks (server admin, email, etc)
    • Graphic design
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Any other service that is not part of the initial agreement (SEO)

    We have one little expectation from our clients:

    We expect that you have a hosting site and handled by a reputable hosting provider so we can perform our job without any delays and technical issues.

    Our rates

    These are our rates, and please read them before deciding to work with us. Saves us time from discussing how much we cost and why:

    For monthly SEO – $150 an hour for a minimum of 15 hours per month, or $2,250 / month.
    You can increase your hours of work if you want to get more work done each month. Additional hours means we can get faster results.
    A gentle reminder that all work is strictly prepaid, and note that we do not process refunds.


    Our expectations when working together

    We are happy to work with individuals and business owners who are motivated and –

    • Understands and has patience in the process. Marketing is no walk in the park, it will take time and effort.
    • SEO is a collaboration between us and you, the business owner. You know your business better than we do, working with us means we get to do this hand in hand for us to know the right areas to strategize.
    • SEO can also take the time that you must take into consideration. If you are looking for immediate results, please consider other options like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.
    • As we are committed to nailing the job, we ask for your commitment to trust in the process.
    • Every marketing effort is an investment, and so as to SEO. Just like making an investment, patience and trust are important. It’s a long game and with our experience, we don’t bluff you with instant and short term results, we aim for quality and long term solutions for your business.
    • Trust us when we say, “don’t get fixated on rankings” your success does not depend on just one keyword.
    • Let’s keep everything professional, if you are not getting the results you want, let’s go back to how we started and discuss everything professionally.
    • We give realistic expectations. We don’t lure our clients with big and grand promises we can’t deliver.

    FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q. How long will it take to see good results?

    A. You must take into consideration the number of factors that might affect the timeline of results such as:

    • State of your website
    • Contents created (how often or how active)
    • Industry competition

    Please note that all timeframes are the best guess estimates, and it might change until we have discussed everything about your business.

    Q. How would I know if I’m good to work with you?

    A. We will be asking you questions to see if we are a good fit. The questions are focused on how long have you been in the business, your estimated or average sale value, revenue generated per month, and more. Those are the basics and once we discuss with you will just go from there.

    Q. Can you do less than 15 hours per month?

    A. Unfortunately, we do not work with less than 15 hours per month. You must understand that services like SEO are time-sensitive, doing less than 15 hours of work won’t get the job done.

    Q. Is your service guaranteed?

    A. As much as we want you to believe that we do, but we do not. But this does not mean we don’t guarantee to do our job. When doing marketing and services like SEO there are really no guarantees. Those who guarantee results is a make or break offer without you knowing how it’s actually done and the hard work that takes place.

    Q. How do I know if you’re still taking clients?

    A. Shoot us an email and we will let you know if there are still spots left.

    Wanna Get Started?

    That’s great! Send us an email or you can book a free strategy session with us, plus a live chat so we can answer your queries.

    If you happen to know about SEO, then you must have heard of our competitors. We also look forward to working with you and we would like you to know that we are not interested in maxing out your credit card and hard-earned cash. We value partnerships over making tons of money by giving false promises and unrealistic guarantees.

    We are totally different

    • We are good at our job. We have 20 years of experience in doing SEO services.
    • No lock-in contracts. We won’t tie you up for months and just deal with whatever results we give you. We do not work that way, we respect your partnership with us.
    • Expect an organized monthly worksheet. We’ll let you know what work has been done and break it down into sections for you to see our work. This will be generated at the end of the month to see where your investments are at.
    • Expect Total transparency. No beating around the bush with SEO terms to keep you on the hook with us, we will tell you everything you need to know.
    • Have an end of month strategy calls. We will have an end of month call to discuss everything that has transpired with your campaign. Discuss strategies and recommendations from the team, plus to answer some of your questions.
    • Easy and meaningful reporting. You can expect from us easy reporting and at a glance type of data. We won’t confuse you with graphs that you won’t understand, we will focus on what matters to you as a business owner.
    • We care about your business. Yes, some would say the same, but in reality, they care about how much you are willing to pay. We truly care about our clients, that is why we are honest with our service. With over 20 years of experience, we won’t lie about our success and our failures.
    • We work with honesty. Just like we have said over and over, we take pride in our honesty. We’ll let you know if it’s not working or you have made a bad decision with things throughout the process.
    • Your direct point of contact. You will work with us directly. No front salesperson to pass you around. Our team will also be directly working with you, of course, we will have to communicate during our business hours.
    • We give realistic expectations. Telling you it may take months to get results may sound uninviting or not really worth investing in, but it’s actually the reality. We won’t tell you we can do it overnight, that’s impossible! We give realistic expectations, that’s based on our 20 years of experience.
    • You can get your ROI. We are happy working with a few clients. We don’t look forward to the tons of money you can offer, hence the reason why we need to know first if we are a good fit.
    • We have a cap on client intake. We only do 10 clients at a time. Why is that so? You may ask, it’s because we want to deliver a quality service. We can focus on what each client needs and we get to know their business on a deep level to make better strategies and get them the results they want.


    When You Collaborate With Zombie Digital.

    Goal Oriented Marketing

    Goal Oriented Marketing

    We sit down with you whether it’s in person or over a call to discuss your objectives and listen to your strengths and weaknesses. We then take that data and create a strategy based on your objectives. Often within 48 hours, we know exactly what should be done to take your business to the next level.

    Target Your Buyers, Not Your Window Shoppers

    Target Your Buyers, Not Your Window Shoppers

    One of the most important things to understand is your audience. It’s commonly known that some of the best companies have a conversion rate somewhere around 5%. That means over 90% of the people who visit your website won’t use your services. We say this to emphasize that your primary focus should be finding those who want your services.

     The Zombie Experience

    The Zombie Experience

    The Zombie Digital team has more than 20+ years of combined experience designing websites and driving sales to business partners through SEO & various PPC platforms. Not all agencies are equal.

    Consistency & Communication

    Consistency & Communication

    We have this routine where we send progress reports every Friday morning since it’s usually a good mood enhancer to find out how your business is progressing. We’re always focused on clear communication. However, we can’t bring you the best results if we update you every twenty minutes. We can respond to questions via email or our social media page.

    What Does SEO Include?


    SEO Audit

    We audit your business site to check your technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-site optimisation and local SEO standpoint. From here we strategise on how to put you right in front of your clients for the long haul.

    Technical SEO

    We go through the technical side of your website also called "the backend" to check your site is maximising its potential.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO ensures that your business is at the forefront in your designated area. When someone searches for your industry in your area of choice, Business should be booming.

    On Page SEO - Content Management

    Here we manage user experience and optimising each page to be more relevant to your customer search terms.

    Off-site Optimisation

    Far from last, here we make your site more relevant than ever by strategically linking your website to become a gladiator in popularity. We find opportunities to connect your website to applicable and visible pages.


    See what is really happening on your website

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    What Is SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic by increasing the visibility of it in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) taking into account the search term typed by the user. SEO is not a paid advertising channel and costs are only based on hours put into ranking your website hire for targeted search terms.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is considered one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate new business and build brand awareness. 85% of users find the 1st search result a trustworthy website or business.

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